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Where is Chiba Prefecture in Japan?

The Chiba Bank has an expansive network of branches in Chiba Prefecture and neighboring areas. As of the end of March 2024, we have 158 branches in Chiba Prefecture, 15 in Tokyo, three in Saitama Prefecture, four in Ibaraki Prefecture, and one in Osaka Prefecture, in addition to overseas branches in New York, Hong Kong and London and representative offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok.

Chiba Prefecture, the Chiba Bank's primary operating base, is Japan's sixth largest in terms of both population and prefectural income.

The prefecture has a well-developed transportation network connected with the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, including Narita International Airport.

Further growth is expected going forward as various infrastructure and other development projects will be carried out.

Narita International Airport: The largest airport in Japan both in international tourists and freight.

Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line: Highway across the Tokyo Bay from Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture to Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture.

Tsukuba Express: New railway started its operation in August 2005.

Narita Sky Access Line: New high-speed railway started its operation in July 2010.

Ken-O Expressway: Highway, most part of which opened in April 2013.

How large is Chiba Prefecture in economic terms?

Population *1 6.28 million 6th largest in Japan
New housing Starts *2 43 thousand 6th
Prefectural Income *3 18 trillion 6th
Balance of Deposits at Banks *4 35 trillion 6th
Balance of Loans at Banks *4 16 trillion 7th


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How large is the population of Chiba Prefecture?