Group Subsidiaries

As of October 3, 2023

Principal Business
Sobu Co., Ltd. Rental and maintenance of the Chiba Bank's office buildings and welfare facilities; purchase and sale of supplies and consumer goods
Chibagin Career Service Co.,Ltd. Accounting, general administration and temporary staff services
Chiba Servicer Co.,Ltd. Management and collection of claims
Chibagin Heartful Co.,Ltd. Outsourcing of operational business
Chibagin Securities Co.,Ltd. Securities business
Chibagin Guarantee Co.,Ltd. Housing-loan guarantees and fee collection services
Chibagin JCB Card Co.,Ltd. Credit card and credit guarantee business
Chibagin Card Co.,Ltd. Credit card and credit guarantee business
Chibagin Leasing Co.,Ltd. Leasing
Chibagin Computer Service Co.,Ltd. Computer systems development and commissioned computation tasks
Chibagin Capital Co.,Ltd. Consulting services, IPO's, etc.
Chibagin Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Consulting for portfolio investments of client financial assets
Chibagin Research Institute,Ltd. Information services and surveys, and consulting
T&I Innovation Center, Co. Ltd. Investigations and research of advanced financial technologies,
planning and development of financial services
Chibagin Market Co.,Ltd. As a regional trading company,
operating e-commerce and crowdfunding websites, and supporting customers to plan and develop their regional brand products
(prepareing to start business)
Himawari Green Energy Co., Ltd. Renewable energy power
generation/sales operations, etc.