Chiba Bank Group Human Rights Policy

As a financial group operating its main businesses within Chiba Prefecture, the Chiba Bank Group contributes to the realization of a sustainable local community.

Based on the Chiba Bank Group's Corporate Code of Conduct, the Chiba Bank Group Human Rights Policy promises to respect human rights through its business activities.

1. Respect for International Human Rights Standards

The Chiba Bank Group will comply with applicable laws in the regions in which it conducts business, and will respect human rights based on the following declarations and principles of international human rights standards.

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

2. Human Rights of Executives and Employees

The Chiba Bank group respects the human rights of all executives and employees to provide a suitable working environment.

We will strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination and will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, and human rights violation, which is based on race, gender, nationality, beliefs, religion, disability, sexual orientation, sexual self-recognition, age, family origin, health status, etc.

Each Chiba Bank Group company has established a help desk within the workplace regarding human rights violation, establishing a system to prevent such discrimination, etc.

Moreover, the Chiba Bank Group will engage in human rights awareness education and training to deepen the awareness and correct understanding of human rights issues among all executives and employees.

3. To Our Customers

As a provider of financial services, the Chiba Bank Group recognizes the possible negative impact relate to human rights in various business areas.

We will also strive to solve human rights issues together with our customers and ask our customers to respect and not to infringe human rights.

If the financial services we provide are tied to human rights violations, the Chiba Bank Group will take appropriate measures and will encourage our customers to take appropriate actions.

4. To Our Suppliers

The Chiba Bank Group will also request its suppliers to respect and not to infringe human rights.

Should there be concerns that suppliers have a negative impact on human rights, we will encourage them to respect human rights.

5. Management Structure

The Chiba Bank Group reports the status of its human rights efforts through the Sustainability Promotion Committee and strives to improve efforts to respect human rights.

We will also review the Policy as necessary.