Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Chiba Bank's Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy

We, the Chiba Bank, recognize the great importance of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and are committed to maintaining appropriate policies and procedures to prevent their occurrence.

1. Building a unified management structure

We have clearly defined the roles and the responsibilities of those in charge of the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and have established a unified management structure based on appropriate cooperation between business units.

2. Maintaining appropriate procedures

We have established appropriate anti-money laundering procedures, such as verification of identity, confirmation of whether a party is subject to an asset-freezing order or other economic sanctions, and suspicious transactions reporting.

3. Employees training

We provide employees with continuous training in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, so that they gain a thorough understanding of the relevant legislation, regulations and procedures.

4. Efficiency reviews and analysis

We monitor how we conduct and manage anti-money laundering measures, reviewing and analyzing the efficiency of each element, with the aim of enhancing the management and control structure.