Company Overview

As of March 31, 2024

Company Name The ChibaBank, Ltd.
Date of Establishment March 1943
Representative Tsutomu Yonemoto, President
Address 1-2 Chiba-minato, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba 260-8720 Japan Map
Phone +81-43-245-1111
Number of Employees* 3,982
Total Assets ¥21,227.2 billion
Deposits ¥15,951.6 billion
Loans and Bills Discounted ¥12,768.0 billion
Capital Stock ¥145.0 billion
Total Capital Ratio (BIS Guidelines) 16.24% (Consolidated) 15.18% (Non-consolidated)
Network Domestic 181 Offices
(158 branches, 20 sub-branches and 3 virtual branches)
3 Money exchange counters
Overseas 3 Branches (New York/Hong Kong/London)
3 Representative offices (Shanghai / Singapore / Bangkok)
  • Figures as shown are presented on a non-consolidated basis.
  • Number of Employees includes transferred employees but excludes temporary staff and one-year contract employees.

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