Message from the President

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for the ongoing support given to the Chiba Bank.

Chiba prefecture is expected to maintain continuous growth reflecting the beneficial economic effects of infrastructure developments, progress of regional revitalization projects and preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.
Raising such potential even further and playing a leading role in the economic vitalization of the region is our mission as a regional bank.

As such, we continue our endeavor to become “Best Retail” banking group, providing top-class customer satisfaction and being highly regarded by our region’s customers, both individuals and SMEs. Currently, we are implementing the 13th medium term management plan “Best Bank 2020 Final Stage -3years of value co-creation” ending March 2020.

In accordance with our “Customer first policy”, we will continue to contribute to regional growth by offering solutions for SMEs management issues and participating in the region’s revitalization measures.

In addition, we will accelerate to improve our business efficiency through digitalization and a sweeping review of our operations. We will promote initiatives to ESG issues as well, aiming realization of “Value co-creation” and sustainable growth with the region.

Also, we will further capitalize on the strategic alliances with other regional banks, such as the Chiba-Musashino Alliance and the TSUBASA Alliance to deliver customer value and enhance profitability.

As described above, we constantly strive to provide financial products and services that are highly valued by our customer.

We all - the directors and employees of the Chiba Bank group - will work together and make the utmost effort to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders. We truly look forward to your further support and patronage.

Hidetoshi Sakuma