Message from the President

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for the ongoing support given to the Chiba Bank Group.

The environment surrounding local customers is changing dramatically as a result of digitization, rising awareness of climate change, soaring raw material prices, and the growing shortage of manpower. In addition, the Chiba Bank Group has entered a major turning point with the advent of a "world with positive interest rates" as a result of a major review of the Bank of Japan’s long-standing monetary easing policy.

Under such circumstances, the Chiba Bank Group is responding flexibly to changes in the business environment, and is steadily working to realize its Purpose “to create a local community better suited to bringing each person’s hope to life” and Vision “an Engagement Bank Group that works closely with the community”. We will create a bright future in which the wishes of all stakeholders can be fulfilled by providing functional value centered on financial services, as well as social value that contributes to solving local issues such as Digital Transformation, Green Transformation, and declining birthrate and aging population.

The 15th Mid-term Plan was launched in April, 2023 entitled “Engagement Bank Group – Phase 1–”, and this fiscal year marks the second year of the plan. Under the guiding principle of “the evolution of the customer-focused business model”, we will change our perspective on delivering products and services to create the optimal customer experience for each customer and company within the local community. We aim to become a Bank Group that seeks to keep growing together along with the entire region as a "General Consultant on Money" for individual customers and as an "Advisor to Management" for corporate customers.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support.

Apr. 2024
Tsutomu Yonemoto
President and CEO
The Chiba Bank, Ltd.