Chiba Bank Group Environmental Policy

As a financial group operating its main businesses within Chiba Prefecture, the Chiba Bank Group contributes to the realization of a sustainable local community.

Based on the Chiba Bank Group's Corporate Code of Conduct, the Chiba Bank Group Environmental Policy establishes policies for resolving environmental issues, including climate change.

1. Compliance with Environment-related Laws and Awareness Raising

The Chiba Bank Group will comply with environment-related laws and regulations and strive to raise awareness among executives and employees about environmental protection.

2. Environmental protection through business activities

The Chiba Bank Group supports customers managing environmental issues by developing and providing environmentally conscious products and services.

We will establish environmentally conscious credit policies and review the content as necessary, as well as enhance risk management for the environment, including climate change.

3. Promoting energy conservation, etc. and reducing environmental burden

The Chiba Bank Group will strive to reduce environmental burden by conserving resource and energy in its own business activities.

4. Response to Climate Change Risks

The Chiba Bank Group recognizes that addressing climate change risks is an important issue on the global environment, and will take initiatives aimed at realizing a carbon-free society.

5. Environmental Protection Efforts in Local Communities

The Chiba Bank Group will promote environmental protection activities in local communities through dialogues with local communities.

6. Management Structure

The Chiba Bank Group reports the status of environmental protection initiatives through the Sustainability Promotion Committee and strives to improve initiatives to solve environmental issues.

We will also review the Policy as necessary.