Medium Term Management Plan

Our vision "Best Retail" Banking Group

We will aim to be the "best retail" banking group, providing top-class satisfaction through advanced services, and to be highly regarded by our regional customers, both individuals and SMEs.


Respond speedily to customers' needs


Make a work environment where all employees can realize their potential


Drive regional development, concentrating our Group's capabilities

Key Issues


Co-creating customer value

  • Conducting comprehensive evaluation of a customer's business and contributing to regional revitalization
  • Strengthening fiduciary duties
  • Providing integrated personal financial services matching the diverse needs of customers
  • Creating new services responding to digitalization
  • Upgrading the retail base in the metropolitan area
  • Strengthening international business responding to customers' globalization
  • Advancing activities for customer satisfaction


Realizing work style reform for all employees

  • Developing a highly professional workforce
  • Accelerating diversity
  • Promoting work style reform


Strengthening a sustainable management structure

  • Further promoting strategic alliances (Chiba-Musashino Alliance, TSUBASA Alliance)
  • Strengthening the Group management structure
  • Promoting business efficiency
  • Strengthening investment capabilities and profitability
  • Strengthening the risk management structure
  • Ensuring thorough compliance and protection of customers
  • Positive and active action on ESG issues

Target Indicators for March 2020

Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent

\60 Bil.

Consolidated ROE*

7% range

Consolidated CET1 Capital Ratio

12% range

Balance of Loans

\10.5 Tri.

Balance of Deposits

\12.5 Tri.

Group Total Balance of Financial Products

\2.5 Tri.

  • Consolidated ROE = Profit attributable to owners of parent ÷ Total shareholders' equity (Capital stock + Capital surplus + Retained earnings - Treasury shares)

Action Guideline to Realize "Best Retail" Banking Group

1. "Customer first policy"

We will grow with customers and local communities, providing valuable services for our customers and ensuring our "Customer first policy", taking the view that in this era only a few outstanding financial institutions will be selected.

2. "Professionalism" and "Team work"

We will pursue customer orientation as financial service professionals, and provide services exceeding customers' expectations, with mutual respect and trust as team members sharing a common goal.

3. "Challenge" and "Innovation"

We will create innovation, breaking former common sense and stereotype views and challenging new fields, and regard changes as opportunities for growth against a background of major trend changes such as the progress of digitalization.

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