The Chiba Bank Group's Corporate Code of Conduct

The Chiba Bank Group's Corporate Code of Conduct declares a basic policy of "Chiba Bank" Group for carrying out ethical and responsible corporate activities, as a "company" that is a member of society and a "bank" that bears social responsibility and public mission.

1. Establishing Unwavering Trust

The Chiba Bank Group always recognizes the weight of the social responsibility and public mission of banks, and strives to establish unwavering trust from society through sound and appropriate business operations based on self-responsibility.

2. Providing High-Quality Financial Services

The Chiba Bank Group will provide high-quality financial services that are close to customers, respond to their needs, and give due consideration to the appropriate protection of their interests.

3. Contribution to Regional Economy and Community

The Chiba Bank Group will actively participate in the local community and contribute to its development as a partner of our customers and as a "good corporate citizen" who walks with society.

4. Thorough Compliance with Laws, Rules and Other Fundamental Principles

The Chiba Bank Group strictly adheres to all laws and rules, and carries out sincere and fair corporate activities that do not violate social norms.

5. Transparent Management

The Chiba Bank Group will proactively, effectively and fairly disclose management information, and through constructive dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, strive to improve its corporate value. And we will devote ourselves to transparent management in order to establish understanding and trust from society.

6. Respecting Human Rights

The Chiba Bank Group respects the human rights of all people, including officers and employees and customers.

7. Responsibility to Help Realize a Sustainable Society

The Chiba Bank Group will fulfill its responsibilities toward the realization of a sustainable society by promoting diversity and work style reforms and tackling environmental issues.

8. Opposition to Antisocial Forces and Prevention of Money Laundering, Etc.

The Chiba Bank Group will firmly confront antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and security of civil society and impede sound economic and social development, and will thoroughly block relationships. We will also strive to enhance these measures so that the products and services we provide are not used for financial crimes, money laundering and terrorist financing.